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Bennett was the maiden name of my great-grandmother born Ethel Bennett and I have managed to trace her family back to the village of Beachampton where they appeared to have been mostly very poor farm and agricultural labourers and lace makers.

The furthest back that I have got is the marriage of John Bennett to Phyllis Diller in December 1786 in Haversham, Buckinghamshire. Their first two children were born in Beachampton and the remaining five I believe were born in Whaddon. They were Jonathan (1787), Richard (1789), Elizabeth (1791), Martha (1795), Ann (1799), Nancy (1801) and Robert (1803). John and Phyllis Diller were my great-great-great-great-great-grandparents.

Their son Richard Bennett was born in 1789 and married Ann Godfrey in Beachampton in 1828. The three children that I know about were all born in Beachampton village and were Eliza (1826), Thomas (1828) and John (1932).

John Bennett married Charlotte Barrett in the Church of Thornton and Nash in 1864 and they too lived Beachampton although they later moved to Upper Weald in Calverton. Their children were all born in Beachampton and they were James (1863), William Thomas (1866), Emily (1869), Annie Elizabeth (1873) and Ada Selina (1876).

The eldest child of John and Charlotte was James Bennett who married Clara Reynolds in Beachampton in 1888 where they lived until around the turn of the century, with James working and the family living at Potash farm. Their children were all born in Beachampton apart from Victor in New Bradwell and Ethel in Newport Pagnell.

James and Clara's children were Charles Leonard (1889), James (1890-90), Percy George (1892-95), Harold John (1894), Edith Mary (1896), Arthur (1897-97), Victor Baden (1900) and Ethel Louise (1906).

Ethel Louise Bennett was my great-grandmother who was born on 29 Jan 1906 in Newport Pagnell. The family had moved from Beachampton to Greenfield Road, Newport Pagnell. She met Edward Goodman, son of a travelling gypsy family who had settled in Bradwell and they married in Newport Pagnell in 1925. The photo below is of Ethel with her husband Ted outside St. Mary's Church, Stony Stratford.

Ethel (nee Bennett) with husband Ted Goodman
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Beachampton, Bucks - The village covers over 1500 acres of land and consists of a well-watered clay soil with limestone sub-soil. It is made up from a number of farms which have worked the land for centuries, the village being first mentioned in the Doomesday Survey.

Its church to the north of the village is dedicated to St Mary the Virgin.
Map of the village of Beachampton, Bucks
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